Strength and Conditioning Coach
Kelly Tan (LPGA), Dan Pow (PGA)

Golf is one of the rare sports that is almost exclusively played in a two-footed support position. However make no mistake that it is not static; the ability to perform explosive rotational movements is essential to the game.

Kelly Tan
One of the systems that I apply is termed "ground connection". Through learning how to apply force from the ground up, athletes begin to see an increase in explosive power development. This easily transfers to higher clubhead speed and distance while control is maintained. Much of how golfers train is similar to how throwing athletes train. The key is to develop explosive power, while maintaining supple, coordinated range of motion. I combine proper warm-up, mobility, strength, explosive power development and specific aerobic fitness for athletic golf conditioning.

This leads to the ability to perform at a high level without fatigue and with little variation in the game.

Alligator Pit with Kelly Tan