Leave your Mark, Scott G. Livingston.
Quietly, Confidently Changing Lives with Rich Hesketh

Podcast 2019

Episode #96 of Leave Your Mark features one of Canada's legendary strength and conditioning coaches Rich Hesketh. Rich served as the lead of S+C for 19 seasons with the Calgary Flames of the national hockey league until 2014. Before his career as a performance coach, he was a Canadian National Track & Field team member for nine years and ranked in the top 3 Canadian decathletes from 1988-97. Rich had the privilege to represent Canada on 11 different national teams. He was the 1988 Canadian Decathlon Champion and 4-time indoor combined events national Champion. He also coached track and field for 17 years with the University of Calgary Dinos and the Calgary Spartans Track & Field Club. He is currently the head of athletic development for the University of Calgary Dinos women's and 2018 National Championship Men's teams. He has been a leader in the human performance industry in Canada for many years.

Historic Performance
Podcast 2016

In the 26th episode of the Historic Performance Podcast, James Darley interviews Rich Hesketh. Rich discusses the importance of play for a young hockey player's development, program design fundamentals for a gliding sport, and energy system development for hockey.

Podcast 2016

Calgary Flames former strength coach, now coaching elite athletes, Rich Hesketh explains in this interview his views on coaching hockey players. At the end, Rich also sheds light on a little bit of strength training for golf.